Treatment plays an important role to injured athletes. Without using the right method of treatment, a person could experience prolong pain from rehabilitation, which causes physical and emotional strain. At a Sports Medicine Clinic, we are constantly addressing the challenges of treating injuries, disorders, and illnesses of many athletes by using innovative methods and having the best physicians in the country.

The Sports Medicine Clinic has a wide range of medical expertise that features conservative as well as surgical treatment for different kinds of sports injuries, including joint problems, tears, stress fracture, muscle injury, knee pain, lower back problems, and so much more.

Using the best sports medicine for treatment

The practice of using medicine is the most vital core of Sports Medicine Clinic. We have physicians and surgeons who underwent various trainings to rehabilitate sports related injuries by using advanced sports medicine treatment for better and faster recovery. Patients will also experience excellent treatment from advanced medical as well as surgical care to:

1) Relieve pain related to sports injuries
2) Boost your recovery
3) Get better athletic performance
4) Prevent injury from coming back
5) Know the best option for rehabilitation

Primary Care

Gilmartin Chiropractic is proud to provide patients with the most comprehensive and innovative primary care, ranging from preventative health to treating acute illnesses. And with professional physicians to address your needs, you will get an up-to-date personal program that focuses on bringing back your athletic performance. You will also get advice about building up your healthy lifestyle and exercise routines to be at your best as quickly as possible.

Advanced therapy and sports rehabilitation

Serious injuries could lead to dangerous results. This is why at our Sports Medicine Clinic, you will be treated by some of the leading orthopedic and therapy specialists to get you back on your feet. These professionals are skilled in assessing, treating, as well as making individualized planning to help patients effectively.

Foot and ankle care

Most people like sports, including those that require serious running, jumping, and leaping such as basketball, baseball, and soccer. However, with situations like non-effective foot mechanics, poor training, weak muscles, and faulty shoes, athletes are very much prone to foot and ankle injuries. Gilmartin Chiropractic’s Sports Medicine Clinic provides an excellent treatment for foot as well as ankle problems, such as diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, which includes non-surgical and surgical procedures.