A Westlake Village Chiropractor is a health-care profession which focuses on the disorders of musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and effects of the disorders on your general body health. Care from a Chiropractor in Westlake Village is mainly used to treat neuro-musculoskeletal complaints, which include but not-limited to; neck pain, back pain, headaches and pain in the arms and legs joints. A chiropractor can be described as a health care professional who’s focused on diagnosis and the treatment of neuromuscular disorders and conditions, with emphasis on treatment via manual adjustment or/and manipulation of the body spine.

Chiropractors mainly seek to reduce or minimize pain and also improve the general functionality of the patients as-well-as educate the patients on how to account for their health through exercise, ergonomics and various other therapies in order to treat the back pains. Doctors referred-to as “chiropractors” or chiropractic-physicians typically practice a drug free, hands on approach to health-care which includes patient(s) examination, diagnosis & treatment. All chiropractors have a broad and wide scope of diagnostic skills and they’re well trained to recommend rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises, and also to provide dietary, nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

A Westlake Village Chiropractor mainly focus on the intimate-relationship between the spine and the nervous-system, and they hold true the beliefs below:
-Bio-mechanical and structural derangement-of the spine may affect the body’s nervous system.
-For many different conditions, a chiropractic treatment may and can restore the spine’s structural integrity, reduce the pressure on the body’s sensitive neurological-tissue, and can improve the patient’s health.

The treatment concepts of chiropractors are mainly aimed at re-establishing the normal spinal-mobility, which then alleviates the irritation of the spinal nerve and re-establishes altered reflexes.

One of the more common therapeutic procedures that is performed by a Westlake Village chiropractor is called “spinal manipulation,” also known as the “chiropractic-adjustment.” The aim of this manipulation of the spine is to restore the joints mobility by manually-applying a controlled specific force into the joints which have become hypo-mobile, or have become restricted in their mobility or movement due to tissue injury. Tissue injuries may result from traumatic events like improper lifting-of heavy objects, or due to repetitive stresses like sitting/standing in an awkward-position with a poor spinal-posture for a long-period of time. In such cases, the injured tissues may undergo chemical and physical changes which can lead to pain, inflammation and diminished-function for the patient. Adjustment or manipulation of the affected joints and tissue will restore mobility, thus alleviating the pain and the muscle tightness allowing the tissues to heal.

A chiropractor performing an adjustment/manipulation rarely causes any discomfort. However, at times some patients may experience a mild soreness or an aching after treatment which normally resolves within 12-48 hours. In most cases, like in lower back pains, chiropractic care can be the primary and most efficient method of treatment. If other medical conditions or problems exist, chiropractic health care can complement or/and support the medical treatment by helping relieve the musculoskeletal aspects that are associated with the problem or condition.

A Chiropractor may assess or diagnose the patient through laboratory testing, clinical examination, diagnostic imaging and various other diagnostic-interventions in order to determine when a chiropractic treatment is, or is not appropriate.